Ahhh, beautiful Maple Bay on Southern Vancouver island. This is where Jacques Cousteau used to dive to shake hands with the giant octopus of Pacific ocean. It was his favoured spot for diving. But that is not all about Maple Bay! In principle as geographical position, starts at North of Arbutus Point and stretches south along the shores to Paddy’s Mile Stone on Sansum Narrows and further to Octopus Point and Separation Point. Very attractive location with shores filled with coniferous trees and calm waters for all sorts of boating activities. I have been fishing in the area for many years and it is an easy access from Cowichan Bay ramp and a short 15-20 min ride. So, if you love pristine
Maple Bay surroundings and clear waters, you got it here! At present time we have a few good opportunities to purchase oceanfront land right in the Maple Bay.
Thank you
Constantin Popa