Stoney Hill Rd oceanfront properties for sale as 6824 Stoney Hill , 7979 Stoney Hill Rd, 8839 Stoney Hill Rd are all Maple Bay oceanfront in the same area, as we know, behind a set of closed iron gates. Just a few words to bring you up to date: Next meeting between the community and the North Cowichan District is supposed to take place on July 17th, 2013. It may as well be the last one before the road is finally ….a go! Please follow the blog for further news about this gorgeous oceanfront properties for sale in Maple Bay, Duncan BC…!
As you may know, along the last 15 years I, Constantin Popa sold over 23 properties in the Stoney Hill Rd area. It used to be cold the Faireweather Rd, which was not the best name at times. In any event after the sale of the 128 acres in 2011, we have a lot more attention to the area from the Municipality and it seems to be in the favour of the community.
Thank you
Constantin Popa