A Cowichan Valley adventure

This is a recreation and retirement paradise

Surrounded by scenic mountains, the Cowichan Valley is located on Vancouver Island between Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, and Nanaimo. It features the highest mean temperatures in Canada, soil rich enough to grow virtually any crop, and a full range of recreational and business services. It’s a favourite place to live and do business on Vancouver Island.

Towering forests, numerous beaches and unique marine hamlets, plus some of the largest and most popular fresh water lakes on Vancouver Island, have made the Cowichan Valley adventure a tourist destination for decades. Nearby, Lake Cowichan is where the locals spend their summer holidays. Fishing, boating, and hiking in the surrounding hills make this a one-stop vacation for the entire family. It’s also the gateway to the West Coast, Bamfield, Tofino, and the new paved wilderness road back to Victoria through the village of Sooke. If you’re looking for adventure, we have plenty of it here for everyone.

Did you know that the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island area is located in Canada’s only Maritime Mediterranean climatic zone? This means we have the warmest year round temperatures anywhere in Canada. In winter, our climate is similar to Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, northern Florida, and some parts of Mexico! Farms in the area grow the entire grocery basket from organic produce to fine local wines. Let our local cuisine be part of your Cowichan Valley adventure.

The Cowichan Valley area is divided into four main regions:

The South-End


Lake Cowichan

Ladysmith to the North

Things to do and see are plentiful on Vancouver Island from the Duncan Day Festivals in the Regional District of Cowichan, to hiking through the big redwood forest of Cathedral Grove or the Sitka Spruce’s of Carmanah Valley.

Ladysmith holds an annual Festival of Lights, a beautiful display of holiday spirit which draws people from all over the island and mainland! During summer months, in nearby Nanaimo is the annual BathTub race and festival. For the more culturally oriented there is a profusion of Native American Cultural events or you can attend locally held Short Film festivals.

There’s never a lack of entertainment available to the discerning eye and when combined with the laid back style of Island life and the breath taking oceans views, nearby Ski Mountains and other natural beauty, Vancouver Island is a natural jewel in the setting of our already beautiful British Columbia.

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There’s no shortage of ways to get to Vancouver Island! Some methods are:.

Cowichan Valley totem poles and First Nations culture

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