First impressions

The National Association of Realtors® reports that 49% of all homes are sold on the first impressions buyers have when standing at the curb. The goal of creating curb appeal is to instill a sense of confidence in the property.  If the property looks like it needs improvement then that perception alone will introduce the idea of risk into the transaction. However, if the property is well-cared for and has tasteful decor then the perception of risk is lessened. Simply, a nice looking house is worth more. Have a look at these summer and winter curb appeal tips from HGTV.

Be objective when looking at your house and yard, as if you were a buyer, and determine curb appeal from that perspective. You may notice things you’ve spent years overlooking. By spending a little time fixing up your house, you could potentially add thousands to the selling price.

Is your yard manicured? Is the house decorated for the season? Use these curb appeal tips to sell your home for more money in less time.

  • Begin by decluttering the yard of stored items, toys, unused materials, and forgotten projects
  • Make sure pathways are clear and safe for strangers to walk on
  • Power wash then repair cracks in concrete; apply sealant to asphalt to make it look new
  • Replace burned out light bulbs in exterior fixtures
  • Mulched garden beds, a manicured lawn, and crisp edging will enhance the curb appeal of your property
  • A freshly painted front door is a cheerful addition to any home

Questions? Contact Constantin and Mariana Popa for more curb appeal tips to sell your home faster and for more money.

curb appeal tips to sell your home faster and for more money

“Curb appeal sells 49% of all houses” – National Association of Realtors

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