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Cowichan Valley mutli-family homes for sale include properties such as full duplexes, four-plexes, townhouse developments, and apartment blocks. The Cowichan Valley rental market is very strong with families willing to pay a premium for high quality accommodation that is professionally managed. Most properties of this type are located within city limits and have easy access to shopping, schools, and other amenities.

If you’re a new investor or perhaps looking for a mortgage helper, a full duplex is the most common way to become a landlord. Lenders and CMHC consider full duplexes for sale to be the equivalent of a single family home. That means you can buy one with 5% down, use your RRSP for a down payment, and even qualify for government incentives like shared equity. Lower taxes and insurance are a few more reasons to consider a full duplex as your primary residence in the Cowichan Valley.

If you have a larger down payment or you’re investing with a group of friends, an apartment or townhouse complex may actually be easier to finance compared to other multi-family homes for sale. This is because lenders consider them to be lower risk due to the stabilizing effect of multiple tenants which mitigate the effects of vacancies. Depending on the price, these properties may have excellent price-to-rent ratios that create better cash flows compared to other types. As with all property, any appreciation is on the purchase price which can compound your gains in a strong market like Vancouver Island.

We have worked with property investors in the Cowichan Valley for many years and understand the business case for your purchase. If you’re looking for a quality apartment block, townhouse complex, multi-family, or duplex contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you find the ideal property for your investment portfolio. Multi-family homes for sale on Vancouver Island are a perennial favourite so contact us to receive the latest listings before they are posted to MLS®.

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